Hey! This is getting crazy weird!

I feel like I just emailed home, (last week) ha-ha! No, just kidding, like 2 or three days ago.

Well  Elder French and I have been getting really stressed out because of our area and the lack of success but we found a missionary program on how to manage stress and so we are starting to apply the things and it has to help us. We are getting frustrated with each other faster and faster but we realize why now, so we are working on dealing with it. As far as this week goes we had a Zone Meeting and we all got kind of chastised for not meeting our goals but it was a really good meeting and I learned a lot.

We had exchanges with the District Leaders and I got to go with an Elder R who is going home in 9 days! That is crazy ha-ha and it seems weird that I have been away from you all for around 3 and a half months already.  Time is just flying by. Anyways, so we were on exchanges in Merritt and we were tracting and having no luck until the last half hour of the day and during the day Elder R told me something that happened to him and his companion: They were tracting in a reserve and a dog ran up to them and they had no clue whose dog it was and so they called it Gidgidoni (Don't know how to spell it) and it faithfully followed them to every door. There was another house but it was time to head back so they went to leave and the dog stopped and stayed there. They joked with each other that it wanted them to knock at that house, so they decided to. The people that lived there owned the dog and I think they became investigators so that was super cool.  I had a similiar experience. Me and Elder R were tracting and a kitten that we named Ishmeow after Ishmael and there was another house left, but we needed to go back.  The cat kept going to the house, so we went and knocked on the door and It was a first nations family. We talked to the person at the door and explained what the Book of Mormon was and stuff like that. The cat was keeping her at the door because the cat was trying to get inside and it wasn't their cat, ha-ha. But we asked if we could come back and they said yes. They are related to some members in the ward and it was super cool. After we were done the cat ran away but it was super cool. They seem like solid potential investigators.

 Once we got back to Clearwater, all of our teaching opportunities fell through and our teaching pool is getting smaller and smaller. So basically for this week it is going to be a finding week. Tracting, contacting potential investigators and former investigators. It has been a decent week though. We have been trying, so I guess all we can do is keep trying harder and harder and pray ha-ha. But I am sure things will start to work out soon.

Mom and Dad, ha-ha, sounds like you had an interesting time. Well, I am glad that you were able to make it home safe and catch your flight! I forgot to tell you this so I guess I will straight up say it : I got a drop of bleach on my gray suit. I have no clue how it happened but it did, and it is pretty noticeable. I'm sorry, it was an accident. I hope you won't be too mad - just so you know I will by another one in Italy to replace it (from my personal funds). I think I will send this one home because like I said it is noticeable and I can't fix it but maybe somehow you can. Well I am glad that you had a great trip and I hope this doesn't make either of you upset. I am glad to hear that you are starting to adjust back to normal life.

Elder Luening I am so excited for you ha-ha that is awesome. I hope to be able to see some of your pictures. By the way the blond sister in the photo, - I met her in the MTC. Ha-ha, I told her that you were in her mission. So yeah, it is a small world. I hope you get to meet with that woman again but if not your right it is a seed planted and something will come of it someday.

Sister Luening that is awesome that an investigator was baptized and confirmed, Just remember that the Lord won't make us do it on our own. The Lord is always with us and you are right, the spirit will guide us and tell us what to say. I hope things with you in Missouri continue to go well.

Oma and Opa thanks for the pictures and the email it was awesome. I am so happy that things are going well for you and that you are enjoying yourselves. I love you and am grateful for you both in my life.

Kassandra and Scott what are you two up to ha-ha! I ask every week and hope that I will get a reply sometime J Well I hope the new place is treating you well and that you are enjoying yourselves.

Sinceramente, Anziano Luening



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