Questo settimana ha venuto e andato. Pero il successo della questa area e' megliora. (This week has come and gone. But the success of this area is better.)

This week has been pretty awesome. It is crazy to see all the changes and all the success that is gradually coming over time. The beginning of the week was rough, but we were starting to find some potential investigators so that was awesome. We have been praying for the work to progress and for new people to teach and the Lord blessed us with 2 new investigators. It is awesome.  We have had a few teaching appointments this week and have been receiving a few referrals so it is starting to get better.

Our new investigators are J and A and they live together but aren't married. They are super awesome but J is quite ill, and so we don't get to meet with her sometimes because of it but whenever she is well we teach her. We always go with the hope to teach both of them and they are super open to our message and interested in learning more,. The last lesson we had to teach A alone. It was a good lesson though! We taught the full restoration; we taught baptism and confirmation; and pre earth life.  I t was a little scattered J but he found it all interesting and he accepted a baptismal date for the 27 of September if he finds out its true. He understands just what that commitment means - he said, 'You are asking me to change my whole life.',  because he knows some of the things in the Word of Wisdom. So we told him 'pretty much', and he said he would have to discuss it but for now, he would say yes. It is not a solid date but Elder French had the prompting to pick that day so we did. We plan on teaching him the Word of Wisdom after the Plan of Salvation to give him time to begin living it. We saw the spirit working in him as we asked him to be baptized. J is super excited whenever we come over because she studies 5 different bibles at once and compares what they all say and now she is reading the Book of Mormon. It is awesome. We think that she will accept baptism as well. She has been taught the Plan of Salvation already but not the Restoration. So yeah, it has been pretty awesome this week.

We have been tracting like crazy and people have been accepting copies of the Book of Mormon like crazy, ha-ha; and they all said they would read, ponder and pray, so that is pretty awesome. We have found a lot of potential investigators who seem solid, and so we will be visiting some this week. Well it is transfer week, seems weird to think that it has been 5 weeks since the MTC. Time has flown by and I will be leaving for Italy in just 2 weeks! I am probably going to be transferred to the mainland but I will find that out tonight. I am so grateful for all of you. I love you all so much and think about you often and pray for you all. I love and miss you and love to read your letters. Alma 56:48 and Alma 57:21 - of course with those verses that’s with you as well. I hope all is going well in all of your lives and I am proud of you all. 

Oma and Opa, I love you both and am proud of both of you and miss you. Opa I am so happy that you got to baptize that man  you have been fellowshipping. It is awesome. I love you both so much.

Elder Luening, that is so awesome with your two investigators who have been baptized.  I am so happy for you and grateful for your example.

Sister Luening, haha, well seeing as I don't know how you are doing I hope all is going well and that you are killing it in Missouri.

Kassandra and Scott, haha you think your inbox would be overflowing. I hope you are both doing well but still don't know whether you bought the house or not. I hope all is going well and you are enjoying life. Love you both.

Sinceramente, Anziano Luening.



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