So, this is what happened: Another group of Italian Elders had a foam soccer ball the size of a softball so we were playing mini soccer in the Residence in the hallway. I kicked the wall a couple times by accident and then I went to send the ball to the end of the hall, but an elder got his foot in front of the ball and so I kicked his foot. My pinky toe caught on his foot and yanked it to the side and so it is fractured. The fracture is in the foot and is like diagonal so the reason why the surgery is necessary is because if I leave it, it will not heal properly or at all. The doctor told me it would take 3 months to recover if I leave it, or I can get a pin put in from the top of my pinky toe into the meticarpal bone  to keep it straight. It will heal normal and it will take 6-8 weeks to heal. The surgery is happening on next Wednesday. I have follow up appointments for two weeks after the surgery. So, I will be home in 3 weeks. It's all good - I will be skyping with my MTC teachers and continue to obey the mission rules as best as I can. Also I will study lots of Italian words and make lesson plans in Italian. So I have that planned out and so I will be home for 3-5 weeks.

I tried to use my debit card to pay for some medical things and it didn't work. I need to pay $20 for this weird shoe that I am wearing and I need to pay $10 for strong painkillers for after the surgery. So I need help figuring out how my debit card works.

The Romanian districts left for Romania on Monday and so we all said good-bye. Also, the rest of the Italians left yesterday in the morning, so I sad good-bye to them on Monday night. I am the only Italian left in the MTC until the new Italian missionaries come in today. I have temporary companions who are learning Spanish. They are awesome! They have only been here for two weeks and I will be with Italians later today.

This week has been good. The crutches are killing my shoulders but oh well. I will be on bed rest for three days after the surgery.

The teachers guessed where our first area would be and we got to take pictures with them. Also on Sunday we took a picture of our whole zone and I was surprised - it is a lot bigger than I thought.

I don't really know what else to right nothing much has happened. I am glad you are all having fun and hope that you enjoy yourselves. I have a question:  - when is your vacation to Europe because I have the surgery on the 19th and six weeks later is the 31 of July so I will be able to leave on July 31 or August 14. It all depends on if the doctor in Canada clears me or not.

I will see Charlene in the MTC, I guess and my birthday will be in the MTC as well.

Anyways, that’s about it. I miss you all and will see you soon. I hope all continues to be good.

P.S. I will send pictures later today


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