1:50 PM
Hey Dad, 

   Man, it has been crazy busy! This week has been sick! The flight wasn't too bad, but the airport busted one of the zippers off of the front pouch of my big luggage.  The main compartment is still intact.
   The Spirit is so strong here, it is awesome.
   We watched “Characters of Christ” by Elder Bednar! You should watch it - just search in Google “BYU Speakers” and look for it.
    The MTC is crazy busy. We have like no free time. 11.5 hours are for lessons/study; 2 hours is for eating and 1 hour for exercise; .5 hours planning for tomorrow; 1 hour for companion study, so for the 16 hours a day we are always busy. Wednesdays are P-days.
    I LOVE my district they are so awesome. We gave a Sorella in our district a blessing of Comfort on Saturday. 

Love, Anziano Luening

2:31 PM
Hi Mom,

    So, my first week has been crazy. I need an SOS package. I think I forgot my notebook with addresses in it in the car. I forgot my camera cord that plugs in my wall. I don't have service pants, the work jeans.

    My schedule has been a mess so far. I had a gym period at 6:00AM when it was supposed to be personal gym time (meaning no gym was open). We had a service project on a P-Day which goes against the white handbook. I keep on waking up around 4:30 or 5:00 AM, then falling back to sleep at 6:00 AM for a half hour. It sucks! 

  The MTC is awesome - my Branch President and his wife are another mom and dad, pretty much. They are so awesome! My companion is Anziano Berg, He is awesome. We are so similar. He is from Red Deer, Alberta. What are the chances my companion would be Canadian! We have quite a bit in common. He is a sick juggler. 

  Italian is Crazy!!! They just throw you into the language and you learn to swim on your own. The teacher, Fratello Cena (Fretello is Brother) speaks Italian 99% of the time and it was very difficult to understand him. He is from Italy. Anziano Roe is District Leader and Anziano Stewart is his companion. We have, like, no free time, so it was weird when P-Day came because then we felt like slothful servants of the Lord. I haven't got homesick yet. We gave a Sorella a blessing of Comfort because she got a serious case of homesickness.

   I LOVE my district - they are awesome! Sorella Walch, Jarvis, Bott, Killpack and Carter are awesome. There are 5 branches of Italian missionaries in our district (including ours) and 2 Romanian Branches. 

   I will be sending home some gifts I would like you to engrave for people. And I sent you a card today. The mail gets checked every day here so don't forget you can use “Dear Elder” anytime you want – hint, hint, nudge, nudge. Ha-ha, anyways, my ITA-MIL code got changed to 0611. We leave a day early; how awesome is that! 

   My leg has an indent in it from the socks - it looks so weird. I had to buy some antibiotics because I have a cyst in my earlobe, so on Monday they are putting freezing in my ear and removing the cyst. I will have a stitch or two in my ear for a day or two. Anyways, I am trying to keep up here in the MTC and I am trying to write in my journal.
  So on the second day we got an 'investigator' (She is a teacher in the MTC) She only communicates in Italian to us and she doesn't 'understand' English. It has been difficult to teach her but I had some cool spiritual experiences. Our first lesson we taught her about what the Spirit feels like (Galatians 5:9?) and that it testifies of truth, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Our second lesson was on something I can't remember. For our third lesson we had planned to teach about prophets because we were gearing up for the Book of Mormon. But, then she asked what the Plan of Salvation that is mentioned in the Introduction of the Book Of Mormon was, so we scrapped our notes and I free-styled it in broken Italian. I just told her "il piano di selvezza was riguardo eterno Famiglia e Gesu Cristo soffrenza per mia peccatti, Anziano Berg's peccati and lei peccati. Perche Gesu Cristo ame il tutte persone di terra.” I apologized because I was having A "Dificile tiempo" haha and that we would teach her more tomorrow. So we taught a great lesson about the atonement and we are getting her more involved in the lessons. Yesterday we taught the whole restoration in 20 minutes and it was awesome. Tomorrow is the last day to teach her, so we are teaching her about Baptism and Priesthood Authority and inviting her to be baptized (She is posing as a Catholic from Ecuador.) If I don't know the Italian word, I say it in Spanish and she looks at me blankly. Then I say after the lesson that when we are gone she should understand Spanish, ha-ha!
    Try to find the talk titled,  “Character of Christ”  by Elder Bednar. It will be on the BYU Devotional Speaker website, find it watch it and tag it to my blog if you want. It has changed my life and perspective about everything, especially my mission!
    Anyways, “peace out” - I am almost out of time. Miss you guys. Keep on having fun.

   Love, Anziano Luening

4:50 PM
   Doing laundry right now! I am on a computer with no time limit, but I will be quick. I get an hour every Wednesday to e-mail.
   Anyways, I miss you guys and love you! Ha-ha, sorry for the terrible good-bye, Mom, but I was ready to go.
   You guys should send me a letter every day on “Dear Elder” just so when the Sorelle get mail I do too! J Anyways, hope you guys are doing well, and weren't freaking out about not getting e-mails on Monday.

Love, Anziano Luening


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