Sept18 Ciao, 

This week has been awesomely hard, fantastic, discouraging, exciting and plain downright FORTISSIMO! (Ueber awesome). So this week we did a lot of finding, like a heck of a lot, and we had set up lessons and we had no shows so that was hard and discouraging, BUT, (notice the capitalized letters), we found this one guy D., and he is so awesome. We set up a lesson with him for Sunday. So, 2 other lessons with other people on that day fell through. It was pouring rain -  like the streets were flooding - it was so awesome! I was soaked and laughing all the way ha-ha-ha. I'm laughing just writing this, BUT it is true. So it didn't look like this week was going anywhere and I was pretty positive about what was going on during the day and BOOOM! Miracle Fence got destroyed by awesomeness. For those of you who don't know, a miracle fence is a fence that is entrapping miracles from coming your way and it has the fence, and some barb wire, and a BIG pit with spikes. So, yeah,  pretty hard to get them miracles. BUT, we smashed that down and took a miracle and ran for it. We had the lesson with D and he is so prepared. He wants the feelings the Spirit brings of peace, happiness and serenity. He doesn't know that the Spirit can give him that BUT you bet your bottom dollar we are going to tell him. Anyway, so we teach him about  who God is, what He wants, and how we can follow Him. Pretty FORTISSIMO! Then we tell him how through Jesus Christ we can have those bad feelings taken away. DRUM ROLLLLLLL! I INVITED HIM TO BE BAPTIZED EXCEPT I said, (Seguirà l'esempio di Gesù Cristo Facendosi   da qualcuno che detiene l'autorità di sacerdozio di Dio? Notice anything missing - thats right BAPTISM! Ha-ha-ha, nothing about baptism.  It literally means: ”Will you follow the example of  Jesus Christ and be done from someone holding the Priesthood authority of God!’  Man that was AWESOME. So funny. So, he looked totally  confused and I was like, “I have no idea what I said wrong” and so Anziano W.  gave the proper baptismal invite. Right after “facendosi” should be “battezzare”. Anyway, we got out of the building and tackled each other. WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE FOR OCTOBER 19! He is super awesome. So, yeah, that has been how awesome of a week it is.

On a side note Mom, can you get the bank to unfreeze my card. I called them from the airport on the way here and told them I was going to be in Italy for 2 years and they froze my card. Also if you use Amazon for packages then I don't have a custom fee. Also I can't remember if I told you but there is a suit season here. It starts on the  October 5th and goes until April General Conference. We wear suit jackets always unless it is super hot. Also if you tell me how to apply for a German passport that would be awesome.  Also if you could possibly send me the forms preferably filled out that would be awesome as well. 


Mom and Dad, well,  glad to hear you have more peace in your life and I hope Auntie Kirsten will be well. I love you both and it is a Banjo. You can try to learn to play if you want or even have time but it is missing a string. Pretty cool though. Does that mean you want me to buy a new camera?

Elder Luening, Happy Birthday or Felice Compleanno! Glad to hear you are doing well and I love hearing from you and you pictures.

Sister Luening, crutches suck…. period. But glad to hear about your miracles and that you are keeping positive. Just keep on trucking because that miracle fence is coming down!

Oma and Opa, I love you both and want you to know that you both are awesome!

Kass and Scott, ???? That is what goes through my mind when my companion asks about you both, ha-ha. Glad to hear you didn't buy a house (I guess) But congrats on new apartment. Living in Style!

Well life is good and is going and can't wait for this week!

Sincerely Anziano Luening



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