September 2, 2014


Dear Family,

     Well, the time is finally here! It is strange to think of where I was at with my mission in the MTC and where I am now. I have learned a lot serving in Canada and I think that that is why the Lord sent me here. He knew that there were some things I just needed to learn before I got to Italy.

     My week in Kamloops has been pretty good. We found a less active lady from Nelson, named W H. She moved to Kamloops about 18 years ago and said she would come to church this Sunday. She didn't show up but the other Elders will go back and see her.

     We also had an interesting experience. We chose a road to tract on, and were driving down it, waiting for the spirit to prompt us when to stop. All three of us got the same spiritual prompting at the same time, and so we stopped and started tracting. We had tracted for a while and needed to be going to an appointment, so we knocked on the house that we parked in front of and an old man answered the door. We talked to him for a little bit and he told us that he was lonely and that his wife had died. I testified of the Plan of Salvation and asked him if we could share more of our message. He declined but we know that he felt the spirit and so the other elders are going to stop by in a week or two.

     An Assistant to the President stayed the night with us and he told us that something was wrong and that we needed to be more obedient. I had thought I was being pretty obedient,  but I took it to heart and read the whole white hand book during the next morning’s personal study. I wrote down all the things that I either was not obeying or was getting a little slack on. I was surprised! Almost all of it was small things, but I noticed that the small things make a huge difference. I have been working on the list and as we worked on it I noticed that our work was improving. So, yeah, if you feel like you are being pretty obedient read the rules and see what you need to work on.

     It is strange for me to think that I am leaving Canada tomorrow morning. I am not going to lie - yesterday I was pretty sad to be leaving. I am going to miss this mission and the people that I have met. But I am sure I will love it in Italy.

     Oh, before I forget - Mom you will be getting a package from me soon. Ha-ha, don't freak out!!!! We were helping an elderly member family move and he gave it to me because he never uses it, so I sent it home.

     We helped a lot of people move today and gained a potential investigator from a move.

     I am getting nervous for the flight and hope all will go well. I learned that each piece of my luggage can only weigh 50 pounds,  and I can have a 22lb carry on! The airline didn't mention if a personal item was allowed with carry on, so I sent a box of stuff that I don't need to Kass via Zone Leaders, so it might get to her around October. That is  “Zone mailing” for ya! 

     Glad to hear that you all are doing well. I hope everything continues to go well.

Sincerely, Elder Luening



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