Dear Family,

Hey! Time is just flying by and it was transfer week.  This Thursday like I expected I was transferred. I went down for transfer meeting on Wednesday and it was transfer meeting until 2:00PM on Thursday. I think then I got to stay with the Assistants for 2 nights and received my passport with a nice visa in it. Ha-ha! Finally! Then I had the opportunity to hear Elder Aidukaitis speak. He was hilarious and spoke in Langley. It was awesome and was about old era missionaries and new era missionaries. He told us that new era missionaries use members all the time. It was pretty awesome. After the meeting, the Assistants left me with the Willoughby Elders and I got to serve with them for a day and a half. It was awesome, we saw some pretty awesome miracles and their area is great.

Then I got back on the Greyhound with one of my new companions, Elder V who has been out a year. So I am now in Kamloops for anywhere between 4-7 days, J. I only have 7 full days in Canada. I went through my travel funds and I will replace the money I used to get my visa. I get my reimbursements in check form, ha-ha - it is hilarious. But don't worry, I still have it all. If you want you can send the package to Italy now so when I get there, it will be there soon. My second companion is Elder P. He has been out 6 months and has spent all that time in Kamloops. I don't have a lot to say for this week.

 Oh! So the Clearwater area is temporarily closed; no missionaries in Clearwater except when Kamloops missionaries will go there occasionally.  Me and Elder F asked the Ward Mission Leader to continue the missionary work without the missionaries and continue to teach the people we have.

I need sneakers, ha-ha! The MTC destroyed my sneakers because of 4 square and so they were just wrecked and now are probably in a landfill in Clearwater.

 So obedience is awesome. I know that the Lord has blessed me so much for being obedient to the rules in ways that I did not expect. He has blessed me with more courage to knock on doors. More courage to talk to people and he has been blessing me with more patience and dedication towards this work. As we are obedient to all the commandments of the Lord without fail than we can see his hand more fully in our lives and I am so grateful for the commandments and rules that he has set up for us because they are for our benefit. This week has been awesome.

 I don't have very much time right now, so I hope you all continue to be good.

Sincerely Anziano Luening



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