Ciao! Where has the time gone? Where is my week? Ha-ha!

First off, I suppose, is that I love reading all your letters - how Mom and Dad’s trip is, how the missions are going, and how your lives are going.

Mom and Dad I am happy that you are having a great time meeting all the people from your missions and that you have been remembered. I hope that is like me when I go back and visit. But it is awesome hearing about Europe and I look forward to being there someday ha-ha J! 

 On that note I will let you know about some events regarding my visa, ha-ha. So, Elder French and I took the Greyhound from Kamloops to Vancouver and tracted in Richmond in the Assistants’ area. We stayed the night, tracted and street contacted some more and then headed to the Italian Consulate. They dropped us off on the street and we started searching for the Consulate but couldn't find it. Eventually we found it and I waited for a while until finally someone talked to me and they asked, 'Do you have your documentation?' I was like 'What?' So, the assistants were supposed to pick up the documentation from the Mission Office but forgot. I forgot to tell them as well, so we both slipped and I asked if we could come back tomorrow with the documentation because they were closing in 10 minutes. So we had to stay a bit longer in Richmond than expected. The next day I went back with all the papers and explained some things to them and they said in 10 days I should pick up my passport with my visa. So around August 12th I wil;l have my visas, then I go to Italy in September.

So I am in Clearwater right now and it is an hour and a half north of Kamloops. Our proselyting area is app. 200 km across, so we never get to really tract most of it. They are all small towns (5000 and less) but we are on km restrictions, so yeah. We have been gone for most of this week, Tuesday-Thursday, but we returned to Clearwater at 2:00AM on Friday. Then we did service for a lot of the time on Friday at the food bank. We did weekly planning for 3 hours on Saturday and so we didn't really get to proselyte a lot on Saturday either. Sunday while tracting, I learned that the preachers in at least some of the other churches are teaching their congregations anti-Mormon things. (I heard it from the Baptist preacher). So that will be interesting, but otherwise this week has been pretty fun and interesting. I think we are going to try to get the members more pro-active in missionary work and in giving us referrals because they come to lessons and they fellowship investigators at church but we really need them more involved. Right now we are burning through our potential investigators and our formers. M told us he wants to be baptized but he is not going to move out and they need more money to get married so we are working on getting him a job but now he doesn't have a date for baptism. But at least he has the desire.

 Life has been pretty good. Some days are difficult and some people can really leave you absent of the spirit but you just try to work harder and you just lift your spirits from the scriptures and hymns and most importantly prayer.

 I havn't written in my journal for at least a week now and I really want to start but I also don't want to for some reason. Anyways so that is what has been going on in Clearwater and with my Visa. I really like being out in the field it is awesome and we met some people that seemed like solid potentials.

Chris CONGRATULATIONS!!! Haha Auguri (Congratulations) on your three investigators with baptismal dates sounds like you are tearing it up in Germany. I think you are a great missionary and I hope that I will leave as big as an impression and be as great as you are. I love you and miss you.

Charlene, That is so cool! I love being able to finally hear from you and learn what you have been up to. I miss our breakfast times at the MTC as well, ha-ha. I am grateful that we were able to see each other in the MTC though that was cool. I am glad that one of your investigators was baptized - that is super cool and I hope that the Lord blesses you with more success as well. Don't forget that when you are on those tours you are proselyting. You are able to share the gospel with more people from your tours than I can from tracting and I think it is super cool that you get to do that.

Kassandra What up sista! Ha-ha! But seriously ha-ha, where are you!!! J I can't wait to find out what has been going on in that busy life of yours. I hope all is well and I want pictures of your new home! I hope you and Scott are doing great and I miss you both. Thanks for letting me come over when I was in Kelowna, it was awesome. Hey Scott, thanks for helping me deal with my car! J I love you both and wish the best for you.

Oma and Opa I hope all is going well with you. I want you to know that I love and miss you both and if you both have time I would love to get emails from you! J 

Vi Voglio bene e Amo voi

Sinceremente, Anziano Luening

P.S. Mom while in Europe can you pick me up a flag! (German) Thanks.



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