Well I have been having a blast here in Canada, ha-ha! This week has been pretty interesting - we lost quite a few investigators. In the beginning of the week all our plans fell through and none of the potential investigators are coming through. Sounds pretty awful but we were just resolved and said the Lord is preparing us for new people who are ready.

On Tuesday we went to visit a potential investigator but they were not home. However there were two other people there and so we talked to them. The guy had 6 degrees in religious theology and such, so I was a little nervous. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and he wasn't interested. He likes it as a theory but didn't look at it from a truth or spiritual perspective. But we gave the lady a Book of Mormon and she said she would for sure read it and find out if it is true. She didn't want us to come back, so we gave her our telephone number and said if she want to know more, to call us. She agreed. It was awesome! I hope she is one who the Lord has prepared for us.

 We were tracting later in the week and we ran into someone who has a friend that is a member. With less than 20 members, that is pretty impressive! J We gave her a Book of Mormon and asked if we could come back and share more. She said, “Maybe”. So, hopefully something comes from that. We asked the friends of hers if they could follow up if she has been reading for us.

Also, we taught a guy named G, ha-ha he is interesting. He agreed with everything we said about the Plan of Salvation and so I asked him like 5 times if he would be baptized when he knows it is true on August 24. He kept on saying, “No” and I finally was just flat out said 'Why not?' He told us that he can't be fully immersed until his scar has healed from knee surgery and he needs to think about if he wants baptism or not. So I guess I learned sometimes you just need to ask them why. But I believe he will be baptized.

On Friday I finally managed to do language study and it was awesome. I have been noticing that my Italian has been degrading rapidly. When I said my first prayer here I cringed and realized how bad I had become. My pronunciation is awful but I just need to get my tongue used to the movements again, ha-ha. So we have been planning in language study now, so I will hopefully improve while on my mission.

Here in Clearwater we have tried a lot of different finding methods but it always seems to come down to tracting. We try to get referrals but everybody says everyone could benefit from your message and we think "That’s great! You should listen to what we have to say!"  But rarely do we get a referral. So we were out tracting and I had two very different experiences. The first was pretty good; we were getting shut down politely and I asked him, “Where is your ancestry from?” and so we got him talking another half hour about his ancestry and his life and we would just mention some truths to go along with it and then we had to leave. But it was awesome being able to use family history as a tool to find people. We have been using it a lot more.

The second experience was terrible. We met an older lady and she was saying things and I won't write down what she said, but the moment I greeted her, the spirit fled me. My blood went chill and I was uneasy, but we continued to talk to her and finally we left frustrated and what I called 'spiritually poisoned'. The things she told us and the look in her eye - there was no light even though she claimed to believe in Christ. It took a lot of work to get the spirit back and I tried hard to forget it but I couldn't.

 Luckily it was at the end of the day so we went to visit a member family and they were talking to a non- member friend so we talked with them and were able to teach the Word of Wisdom and hopefully she will want to know more about what we believe. But the spirit came back to me and I couldn't feel the effects of the other ladies words on me so I was really grateful for that. We handed out two Books of Mormon with our phone number so we are praying for new investigators.

Sunday was great because M came to church and he told us he still wants to be baptized but he wants his fiance to want to be baptized as well. He said she was going to let him be baptized. So yeah, that is what has been going on recently. But some funny things that happened are: For some reason me and Elder F decided to blend ravioli's ha-ha and it was so disgusting ha-ha. Also every P-day we destroy a hornets nest on the church that gets rebuilt every week so it is getting tricky because the wasps are catching on to us.

I hope all of your times have been going well.

Charlene, sorry I have been emailing all my emails to your hotmail! Oops, my bad! Ha-ha, but now I changed that.

Sincerely Anziano Luening

P.S. Sorry my last email was my mission president letter because I didn't have any time to write at all because the internet was an issue.



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