Dear Dad,

Ciao, Sto bene. La MTC is loco. Io so che non parla Italiano. Pero io parlo Italiano, Anziano Russel M Nelson viene la MTC, it was cool. I will be kind and speak in English now.

 I didn't have to have my ear operated on, but I have another appointment. Now my middle finger on my left hand feels like the tendon or nerve is stretching when I go to pick something up or put pressure on it. I had it checked out, and was just told me to take Ibuprofine. I was like, wow! Now my left leg above the ankle is really sore; when I touch it feels like the bone is bruised. I also became really sick on Sunday. I had a fever, cold, congested nose, sore throat, cough, headache and I was super tired because I couldn't fall asleep. I received a blessing, and now I just have a cold.

 I had a really terrible lesson with an investigator yesterday. It made me super depressed, but we joined the choir and sang and it cheered me up a lot. We sang “Come Thou Fount of Many Blessings”, It was "sick", and like I said before Elder Nelson came and gave a talk. It was good, but I connected with his wife's talk more. Anyway, I will send more to Mom. 

Dear Mom and Dad,

   It has been going well. the past two weeks have been up and down like crazy. Sorella B. went home because of health issues, but she is planning on coming back out, so we are really hopeful that she will.  I believe she will. Our district was pretty crushed when we found out about it, but we have recovered a bit.

 Italian was going pretty well, but then I had a terrible lesson in Italian yesterday and it destroyed my happiness. I was really depressed and the Sorelle asked the Anziani to join the choir so we did and boy it lifted my spirit so much. It was so much fun.

    Elder Russel M. Nelson came and he gave a good talk, but his wife’s stuck out to me a lot. She talked about how there are people on the other side of the veil praying for us to find their posterity so that they can do the temple work for them, and that all we need to do is pray for guidance. It was strong! The Spirit hit me so hard and testified to me that it was true that not only deceased members but also the spirits in the pre-mortal existence are praying for our success so that they will be able to enjoy the blessings of the Church.

    Other than that, the week hasn't been that exciting, except I am killing it at four Square. I am becoming very good! The ball hit my square and I had to run to reach the ball before it bounced again and I did spin where I hit the ball and got someone else out! It was sick! It is basically, Italians, Romanians and a few other missionaries that play four Square. Our sisters are starting become good at four square too. Sorella W. said she is kind of afraid of how into the game I am. I was banned from four square one day because I accidentally dove for the ball twice. No diving is allowed, so a gym worker told me that I couldn't play for the rest of the day. I saw it coming. But I am learning not to dive.

    Sorella J. received a blessing today. She has been sick on and off  for two weeks now and she might have to have blood work done.

    I became really sick on Sunday and need to be restocked on some of the mrdications and a few other items. I need sore throat/cough drops; those really good Equate cold medicine night and day; some sinus/congestion medicine would be good, and I need some razor blades, I have one left they are Schick 5 hydro blades. I think that is about it. And my notebook that you need to find is white with a bunch of letters on it and the word notebook in different colour letters.

 I was sharing my medicine with another Elder who has been suffering with an aggressive cold for a week. Then he got me sick! I ended u[p with it worse than he did, but mine became much better after I receiced a blessing. I had a headache, cold, congested nose, sore throat, cough, and I had a massive fever/chills so I was walking in 24 degree weather with the outer lining of my winter jacket on. It sucked but luckily I became sick on Sunday, so I napped for 3 hours because I only had 2 hours of sleep that night. I am doing much better now.

 We have 3 new 'investigators' Fratello C. is Gesues, Sorella F. was Patrizia but Patrizia is being baptised so she is now Susana. Sorella U. is now Angela. It is crazy.
 It is crazy busy and I don't get much sleep. I am 157 pounds with my suit on and I have no clue how that happened! I run like crazy and I don't eat too much. So I need to start working out more so it just turns to muscle. The dress socks you got me indent my leg it looks so weird.

    Anyway, I am thinking of you all. The district keeps me from being homesick, since they are pretty much family now. We talk about everything with each other. It has been pretty awesome. Oh, before I forget, if you can also send like 2 pairs of P-Day socks that would be awesome - preferably non-ankle socks, and also I need like 3-4 more of those shoe refreshener’s.  I’m all out!       

    Anyway thanks for the emails and I love you .

    Love Anziano Luening


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